WitchLit is a place to talk about the craft of writing and writing the craft, featuring interviews with pagan and occult authors of fiction and nonfiction and hosted by Victoria Raschke.

The podcast is produced in San Jose, California, by 1000Volt Productions, LLC. The WitchLit Podcast logo was designed by keifel a. agostini. Julian Raschke edits the episodes.

The host
Victoria Raschke writes contemporary fantasy novels set in a re-enchanted world where magic is real but isn’t always pretty. She is co-owner and editor of 1000Volt Press with her partner. When she isn’t holed up writing she is checking out the local farmers markets for weird fruits and vegetables, trying to get through the never-ending TBR pile, or plotting a trip somewhere that can also count as research. She lives with her family of people and cats in San Jose, California.

Our beliefs and politics
I strive to create an open space to talk about the love and challenges of writing. One of the challenges of being in the occult space, and life in general, is that we share this niche space with folks who have some deeply concerning thoughts on who deserves to be treated with respect, have rights, or even simply exist. I do my best to vet potential guests for any public information about harmful views or actions, this includes who they are publishing with. It’s an imperfect system, but know that I would never knowing promote anyone currently espousing harmful ideas about race, religion, LGBTQ+ individuals, sexual or gender identities, immigrants, or others.